Welcome to Computer Site Institute Inc.
#15 Sto.Nino St,San Pedro City,Laguna


Computer Site Institute is an institution accredited by TESDA that offers Technical and Vocational Education and Training Programs (TVET) to its residents who wish to learn skills but cannot afford formal education. These TESDA Training Courses offered in Laguna are mostly skills training courses with NCI to NCIV qualifications giving its graduates with additional qualifications when applying for jobs not only in the country but internationally.

Before it became Computer Site Institute, it was an idea conceived by REA Realty and development Corporation in 1987 headed by Mr. Ricardo Aguilar and Mrs. Ana Aguilar to put up a computer school in their town, San Pedro, Laguna. They franchised Metrodata Computer School which offered short-courses that are in-demand at that time; this was under the management of Mr. Edilberto Aguilar. In 1992, Mr. Eliseo Aguilar took place as School Director, at a time when computer schools to grow in number in San Pedro as well as in other municipalities nearby. As the pioneer computer school, they remained competitive and still managed to become one of the outstanding schools.

In the year 2000, under the management of Mr. Eliseo Aguilar, the board met to establish a new school name, and cut the franchise from Metrodata Computer School, and then the Computer Site Institute Inc. was born. They offer 5 computer courses namely Computer Management, Computer Information Technology, Computer Programming. Computer Technology, and Computer Secretarial, and other in-demand and up-to-date short courses for better services. It started to extend its generosity to give education to low and middle income families by offering free tuition fee yet


The official seal of COMPUTER SITE INS. INC. is an image of a man guiding a student in-front towards academic excellence. The image inside the circle thus a circle has no trace of beginning or end. The green and yellow symbolizes growth, renewal, rebirth, hope & happiness to all mankind


The home shall fully support the school in the implementation of the total school program-curricular and co-curricular-toward the proper physical, social, intellectual and moral development of CSII Students -Art. 76, Home and School, The Youth Welfare Code. The policies, rules and regulations of CSII as stated in this Handbook are intended to enhance the skills, talents of the Comsitian's as they relates and interacts with the members of the school and community in general. The enrolment of a student in CSII is taken as an expressed willingness on their part, and consequently of their parents and/or guardian, to abide by all rules, policies and regulations of the institution. Thus, students/parent and guardian are committed to the strict implementation of the embodied policies, CSII acknowledges its obligation to exercise reasonable supervision over the conduct of the student and to cultivate the best potentialities of the heart and mind of the student. Its role "in loco parentis is the exercise as substitute parental authority over students in school and school related activities. (Civil Code, Art. 39) Students, either individuals or as a group, must not use the name and seal of the school without official authorization.